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Burial Costs & Information

 As of 1st April 2024, these are the following costs from Sandwell Council:

Burial Costs:

Weekday burial Sandwell Resident Non-Sandwell Resident (at 30%)
Standard full Burial Fee £1281 £1665
Burial in a baby section £397 £516
Late arrival fee £381 £495
Weekend and Bank Holiday (out of hours) burial (at 15%) Sandwell Resident Non-Sandwell Resident
Standard full burial fee £1473 £1915
Burial in a baby section £457 £594

Grave Costs:

Exclusive right of burial for 99 years (option to renew at end of lease) Sandwell Resident Non-Sandwell Resident
Muslim earthen grave purchase £2886 £3752
Muslim section vault grave, addition charge (Fallings Heath cemetary only) £870 £1131

Children’s funeral fund
Government introduced the Children’s Funeral Fund in 2019 for anyone under the age of 18 years.

This fund allows Sandwell MBC to claim all fees for the funeral therefore families will not be charged however this does not include costs payable for the funeral director.

Please visit the Government website for details: https://www.gov.uk/child-funeral-costs

Out of Borough
Charges for out of borough burials incur an additional charge of 30% on both the burial fee and Exclusive Rights of Burial:

Definition of out of borough:

    • The person to be buried is not a resident of the Borough of Sandwell at the time of death unless the grave was purchased before 1 April 1990.
    • In the case of a stillborn child when neither parent is a resident at the time of stillbirth.

If a Sandwell resident had been moved out of the borough into a care or nursing home, please Sandwell Council on 0121 569 6707.

Out of hours
Charges for burials booked for out of hours will incur an additional charge of 15% on the burial fee:
Definition of out of hours:

If the burial is booked for a:

    • Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday
    • or 3:15pm or later from October to March (Monday to Friday)
    • or 4pm or later from April to September (Monday to Friday) 

Burial Options

The following options are available for different burials:

  • Earth Grave
  • Chamber Grave (only available at Fallings Heath cemetary)
  • Shroud only burial

For information and guidance on repatriation, contact your local funeral director for the latest guidelines and airline information.


Please Note:
Digital Autopsy is available in Sandwell which is fully funded by SMBC.


 For any further questions please feel free to contact us.