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Outreach Service

At SPMA we remain conscious of the of ever-changing community within the area and understand the hardship they may be going through with settling in. For this reason, we strive to reach out to the new communities who have moved into the area to offer the advice, support and assistance that is provided here at SPMA.

We hope to unite our community and give any new migrants access to the services they require by breaking down the language barriers that may be present between our community and government services. This includes getting involved with other communities such as the African community to provide access to our facilities for members of the community that may not be aware of our services. The team at SPMA are proactive in making our services accessible for all members of the community as we now cater for a large variety of languages including the following:

Urdu ✔    Punjabi ✔    Mirpuri ✔
Hindi ✔  Madinka ✔  Soninke ✔
Italian ✔  French ✔    Spanish ✔

This service is available at the following hours:

  • Wednesdays: 9:30am-3:00pm